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Wheels’n Boards is a Byron Bay brand with a range of thoughtfully designed quality wood skateboards that can be personalised with laser engraving.

From wood to skateboard

Wood board drying at the sun

Our products are made with locally sourced Camphor Laurel wood, recycled timber and black wattle native trees. The camphor Laurel tree is an “invasive” tree species that prevents native trees to grow. The camphor features beautiful and unique cross section patterns and is usually used for fragrance due to its specific earthy smell. The Black Wattle is a native species and we only use large branches that would have fallen off the trees. We are not cutting trees to make skateboards! Our boards are handcrafted designed & handmade assembled in Byron Bay Australia.

Our wood is cut, handshaped, stored and supplied from a local Byron Bay hinterland private property. Our designs, board engraving assembly and finishing are done from our workshop in Suffolk Park.

Cutting of the board

board cutting: the camphor wood comes from a local private property in Nimbin, the Byron Bay hinterland. It is stored in a large shed ready to be cut for specific applications: chopping boards, furniture, and skateboard decks.

board crafting: the boards are crafted to a specific shape, length, and width corresponding to our designs or any specific customer’s requirement. Three standard sizes are available: the 55cm. shortboard perfect for the kids and easy to carry, the 70cm. and 85cm. longboard, ideal for cruising around.

Sanding of the board

board sanding: we use 200g grain to remove any rough imperfections coming from the mill and fine-tune the sanding with a lighter 100g to have a smooth finish prior staining as needed.

Staining of a board

board staining: the stain depends on the type of wood garin and becomes appearant using grape seed oil.

Laser engraving of a board

laser engraving: we can laser engraved the boards with a name, pattern, logo or drawing on it. Customers can email us a graphic or use the wheels’n boards website online tools to come up with a design. The graphic is formatted and imported in a laser engraving software, adjusted (shadows, exposure, colours, and light) and aligned with the board shape. Prior engraving we need to perform side tests to adjust the laser power depending on the design complexity or wood porosity. Engraving is done line by line and can engrave fine details up to 10 microns accuracy.

Package with the board inside

packing: Our boards are packaged in cardboards and posted in reusable compost bags.

That’s why each piece is unique, for us and for you. 

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